This sculpture is named Summer in the Bay. The sculpture was created by Mrs Crisp with the help of the Blockhouse Bay School whānau and is next to Room 23. It is a collection of jandals on steel rods. The materials used are recycled reinforced steel and reused jandals.

Mrs Crisp looked at other classes’ sculptures and feeling left out decided that she wanted to be part of the fun. She used all of the Inquiry process and evaluated whether it would look good. Mrs Crisp stuck it together with help from the contributions of the community. It was stuck in the ground and made from materials that will last in the weather. The jandals are threaded onto the pole.

Her inspiration was to find something that everyone could be part of and to remind everyone about summer. Mrs Crisp used multi-colours. It feels rubbery and spongy. You can touch it gently.

The Process