Who We Are

Cameron, Justin, Isabella, Hussay, Mary (Room 15), Neha, Raiah (Room 9), Addison (Room 4) and Eden (Room 13) with Beth Peters and Miss Innes.

The Super Sculpture Sidekicks came together from different Year 3 and 4 classes and worked collaboratively and in pairs and one group of three. These students had the task of wondering what their part could be in the creation of our sculpture website. They found out that they needed to ask questions and gather information about each class’s sculpture. They spoke to the class representatives from each room.

The team understood that they needed to take their information and type up the blurbs about each class's sculpture for the website. They took action by taking photos, helping to make decisions about the website layout, the design and the information that would be included. With the sculptures installed around the school and the website ‘live’ the students evaluated their participation and contribution to these.

These nine students were able to actively participate in, make decisions and choose the direction of their learning.