Room 19

Room 19’s sculpture is called Pūrerehua which means ‘Butterflies’ in Te Reo Māori. It is made up of butterflies that have different designs on them.

They are medium sized and the wings have been put on different angles. It is made out of wood and then painted and hung with garden wire in the trees outside Room 19.

For their Inquiry they looked walked around the school and looked at the environment. They liked the fence posts they made last year but still thought some parts of the school did not look interesting. Some children thought they could decorate the area outside Room 19. They looked at a variety of photos of sculptures on the projector. Next they drew different designs of their own in their Inquiry books. Then Room 19’s teacher (Mrs Harris) and the class looked at all of the drawings and they chose an idea they all liked.  

Room 19 knew that they could not use cardboard or paper because it would break in the rain and decided to get small pieces of wood and then painted them white. After that they painted them different colours for each butterfly. Lastly they hung them on the tree. They have used many of the colours from the rainbow. Please do not touch them.  

Our Process